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  • Mr. Kuntz

Saturday, 9/12 Rehearsal

On Saturday, 9/12, Marching Band rehearsal will run from 9am - 1pm with check in starting at 8:30am. Please be prepared to bring a snack and plenty of water for a 15-20 minute break during rehearsal. Also, please make sure you eat a proper breakfast before rehearsal so everyone can participate the entire time. All of the safety measures and precautions will remain the same (temperature checks, Daily COVID form, socially distancing...etc.) so please plan accordingly.

Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Music Theory students - If you're picking up folders, sheet music, and textbooks (from me, not other teachers), I will have them ready for you before rehearsal as you're checking in.

Seniors and Leadership - I'm still waiting to hear back about if you're going to get your photos taken for the banners/yearbook at 8am or not this Saturday. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

Thank you all for your patience and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in person again on Saturday!


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