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The Indoor Percussion Ensemble is made up of students in grades 7-12 who attend WHS, WMS, and GCIT who play percussion instruments and occasionally color guard. Students in 7th and 8th grade are eligible to participate in the indoor percussion ensemble if they agree to join the Marching Braves the following school year. Over the years this group has numerous state and regional awards and like marching band, combines the art of performing percussion repertoire with aspects of theater and storytelling. The Indoor Percussion Ensemble begins rehearsals in January and offers many performance opportunities throughout New Jersey and surrounding states from February through May.

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Audition Sign-Up Form

Audition Music



Indoor Percussion Handbook

Student Emergency Form

Self-Medication Form

One-Time Covid Waiver


Déjà Vu (Audio is at the top of the page)

Shades of Glass

Mallet Technique:

Marimbology Ep. 7: Four Mallet Grips

Marimbology Ep. 11: Stevens Grip Philosophy & Pedagogy

Cymbal Technique:

2018 SCV In the Lot Prelims

2018 Zildjian Instructional Video

     Marching Cymbals 101

     Armeen Ghafourpour, Instructor

     Set Position

     Flat Position

     Port Position

SCV Cymbal Technique Playlist

     Intro and Positions

     Bring ups and Downs

     Crashes and Flat position

     Softer Crashes at Flat

     Hard Prep Crashes

     Taps, Dings, and Zings

     Hi Hat, Sizzles, Sizz-Press, and Sizz-Suck



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