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Olympic Honor Band Information

Updated: Jan 17

Read through the information on the Olympic Conference website. Make sure you know what music is required to audition (see attached solos PDF, some solos are multiple pages).

- Find your instrument. Be sure to check if your solo has multiple pages (especially percussion)

Piano will also be offered for the first time this year. Here are the requirements we have so far:

- Scale requirements are C Major, 5 sharps/5 flats and Chromatic...both hands, 4 8vas up and down.

- Sight reading will be provided at auditions

- Solo Excerpt will be published soon.

Please make sure you also read through and mark down all of the rehearsals and performance dates before committing to audition. All of the rehearsals and performances are mandatory and students must attend every rehearsal for the full time to remain a member of the ensemble.

*Talk to Mr. Kuntz, Mr. Kinsey, Gia...etc. about any other prior commitments you have before agreeing to audition. Don't assume they know!

Auditions are at Millville High School (200 N. Wade Blvd, Millville, NJ 08332). Registration opens at 4:30pm and closes at 6:30pm. There will be a bus providing transportation back and forth for auditions and the rehearsals. There is no transportation provided for the concert. If you are taking the bus, please read the Day of Auditions Schedule below and let Mr. Kuntz know whether you are taking the bus or not.

All students must register to audition online:

- Click on the Registration tab at the top of the website

- Then click on the Senior High Registration link

- Fill out the form. If you need help filling out the form talk to Mr. Kuntz asap.

- This online form is due no later than Tuesday, December 12th

All students must read and sign the signature form:

- Click on the Registration tab at the top of the website

- Then click on Get Signature Page Here link

- If you need a hard copy, ask Mr. Kuntz asap.

- This signature form is due no later than Tuesday, December 12th so Mr. Kuntz can get Mr. DeStefano to sign all of them on time.

All students must pay to audition:

- The application fee is $10.00 per instrument. Cash or Check made out to Val Kuntz. I will submit one personal check on behalf of all the Band students auditioning.

- Payment is due no later than Tuesday, December 12th

Day of Auditions (Thurs, 1/11) Schedule:

- 3:30pm - Report to the High School to gather instruments, music...etc. (you can stay through after school if you need to)

- 3:45pm - The bus will pick up the Middle School students from the Middle School, then pick up the High School students from the High School theater lot

- 30 minute bus ride to Millville High School

- 4:15pm - Students will check in at the registration table, warm up in the auditorium, and audition in their assigned audition rooms while Mr. Kuntz attends the directors meeting and judges auditions. Mr. Kuntz will not be around to monitor students during the auditions. Everyone will need to be responsible and on their best behavior. You are representing Williamstown High School and the Williamstown High School Band Program, so please make good decisions. Once students are done auditioning, they should remain in the auditorium until everyone has completed their audition.

- It's recommended to bring some homework and a dinner/snack or bring some cash to purchase some food (concessions type stuff) when your audition is complete. Students will be able to eat in the lobby area.

- 8:30pm, Estimated return home

- If you drive yourself, you don't need to wait for the other students to leave once you're done with your audition, however, please make sure your parents pick you up on time.


*Rehearsal is canceled tonight (Tues, 1/16). Please be prepared to attend the snow date rehearsal this Thurs, 1/18.

- 3:30pm, be ready to leave with all of your belongings (music, instruments, fold up music stand, backpack...etc.) whenever the bus gets to the theater lot. The bus will run similar to the night of auditions (picking up the middle school students first...etc.)

- Please make sure you are on time! Ms. Park will be taking the bus with you, not Mr. Kuntz.

- Please bring $1 for the conductor's gift. You can give to Ms. Park.

- 4pm, rehearsal begins

- If you are taking the bus and the bus arrives late, please QUIETLY set up your equipment as quickly as possible when you get to Washington Township HS so you don't interrupt rehearsal.

- If you are driving yourself and can arrive for rehearsal to start at 4pm, please do so.

- Sr High will be in the media center. Please keep all cases and bags in the theater.

- Bring a small dinner or bring money. The BPA will have dinner items for sale.

- 8pm, rehearsal ends

- 8:45pm/9pm, approximate return to the high school

- You most likely will not be able to get back into the building when you return. Please plan accordingly so you can bring your instruments home and back to school the next day.

- Please text your parents as soon as you leave Washington Township HS! I don't want Ms. Park to have to wait for you to be picked up when you return!


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