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  • Mr. Kuntz

NJSIAA 2 Week Hiatus - Some Rehearsals Cancelled

On July 10, NJSIAA put out a statement saying "there will be a two-week hiatus from August 29 through September 10, during which only virtual meetings will be permitted." This policy was put in place to give all students and teachers time to prepare for the start of the new school year. Today I received confirmation from Mr. Insana that this applies to the Marching Band as well as all of the sports teams in Williamstown.

The following in-person rehearsals are therefore be cancelled:

- Saturday, August 29th

- Tuesday, September 1st

- Thursday, September 3rd

- Saturday, September 5th

- Tuesday, September 8th

- Thursday, September 10th

Since we are allowed to rehearse virtually during the 2 week hiatus, students will be required to submit a video assignment on each of the dates listed above to the Google Form on the Member page. All assignments are due by midnight and I will be sending specific assignments as we get closer. Students who do not submit assignments may need to sit out of a performance as per the Unexcused Absence portion of the WHS Marching Band Handbook.

Students who want extra help or one on one time should reach out to me to set up an appointment on Zoom.

The football schedule has also been changed. Please take a look at the calendar for specific dates. Right now we are not going to be attending Away football games, but please keep those dates available in case we are able to rehearse or if the football schedule changes.

Please be prepared to be back in person starting on Saturday, September 12th. The calendar says 9am-4pm right now, but the schedule might change slightly depending on how much time we are allowed to rehearse.

Thank you all for your flexibility and understanding!


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