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  • Mr. Kuntz

Memorial Day Parade Dress

This year for the Memorial Day Parade, we would like the students to wear the following:

  • NEW Blue Band Polo (see ordering info below)

  • Short sleeve white t-shirt if you choose to wear a shirt underneath the polo

  • Khaki/Tan colored shorts

  • White socks

  • MTX shoes (Color Guard can wear sneakers)

NEW Blue Band Polo Info

  • Every student will need to purchase a polo. As we discussed at the Band Parent Meeting last week, these polos can be used for multiple events (parades, football games...etc.) during the warmer months and during recruitment events. They allow us to avoid wearing the full uniforms during hot summer months, while at the same time looking more professional than the blue member t-shirts.

    • Seniors, contact Mr. Kuntz if you have issues with purchasing a polo just to wear it for one parade.

    • If you are not able to provide payment due to unforeseen circumstances or financial hardship, please reach out to Mr. Kuntz

  • Order Form:

    • Multiple polos can be purchased if more family and friends would like to have one as well. Please be sure to indicate the number and sizes you need.

    • See Mr. Kuntz if you need a paper copy of the form.

  • The order form is due no later than Friday, March 25th


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