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Marching Band Updates Month of June

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Marching Band season is right around the corner! Here are some upcoming dates and information that should be helpful for everyone!

Leadership Workshop 3 - Tuesday, 6/8

4:30pm - 5:30pm in the High School Band Room

- Importance of Communication

- How to handle confrontation and deal with drama

- Preparations for New Member Recruitment Rehearsal

Final New Member Recruitment Rehearsal - Tuesday, 6/8

6pm - 8pm in the High School Theater Parking Lot

BPA Meeting - Tuesday, 6/8

8:15pm start in the High School Band Room and on Zoom

Leadership Auditions - Thursday, 6/10

5pm start. Individual audition time slots will be scheduled the day before

- All students auditioning for leadership positions need to fill out the Leadership Application:

- Interview for all applicants

- Drum Major Applicants will also need to complete a conducting portion for the audition

First Leadership Meeting with New Leadership Team - Tuesday, 6/15

5pm in the High School Band Room

- Expectations & Responsibilities

- Rehearsal Etiquette

- Communicating with the members of your sections

Information Meeting for all New and Returning Members (mandatory) - Tuesday, 6/15

6pm in the High School Cafeteria (no Zoom)

- Expectations & Responsibilities

- Handbook and Contract (include rehearsal/ performance conflicts)

- Google Form (every student that is committing to the upcoming season needs to fill out this Google form)

- Self Medication Form (only needs to be completed if the student needs to take medication during rehearsals or performances)

- SmartMusic:

- Sign Up Directions. All Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion students must sign up for the Marching Band SmartMusic classes

- Hand out Warm Ups and Show Music if you haven't gotten it yet

- Exchange contact information with student leaders

Paperwork Packets will be available for students in person on Monday, 6/7. All Paperwork is due no later than the first rehearsal (Tuesday, 6/29).


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