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  • Mr. Kuntz

Join Marching Band 2024!

Updated: May 2

Thursday, May 2nd

  • 4pm - 4:45pm, 2024 Marching Band Information Session and Show Reveal

    • First we'll go over Calendars, Handbooks, and Expectations for the upcoming season in the Band room (E104). Enter the building through the High School theater entrance.

    • We will also reveal the show theme and music for the upcoming season!

    • Here is a list of all the paperwork that needs to be submitted to Mr. Kuntz (in person or by emailing in order to join Marching Band this summer and fall. Paperwork is due no later than Monday, May 27th.

      • Handbook and Contract 

        • This link will take you to the Handbook. You only need to hand in the last 2 pages (Contract and AUP).

        • Please only sign the contract after you and your parents have carefully read through the handbook & calendar and agree to everything included.

      • Calendar

        • Calendar Conflicts? Please email or Remind message Mr. Kuntz asap! If I don’t have your conflict in writing it will be considered an unexcused absence.

      • Student Emergency Medical Form (can be completed online on the Band website if you like)

      • Self Medication Form

        • This form only needs to be completed if the student needs to take any type of medication during rehearsal and performance days. This includes any over the counter medicine as well (Tylonol, Advil, Cough Medicine…etc.).

      • 2024 Student Information Google Form

        • Please only fill out this Google Form if you 100% intend on joining Marching Band this upcoming season.

      • All students should be enrolled in the NEW 2024-2025 Remind account as well. Remind codes are listed in the Handbook.

      • All of the paperwork can also be found on the member page of the Band website.

  • 5pm - 6:45pm, Memorial Day Parade Rehearsal

    • Come see what it's like to march and play an instrument/spin a flag!

    • All 6th, 7th, & 8th graders and WHS Alumni are welcome to join! Enter the building through the High School theater entrance.

    • Be prepared to rehearse outside! Bring Water! Socks and Sneakers! 

  • 7pm, Band Parent Meeting

    • BPA Meeting Agenda

    • All students participating in the Memorial Day Parade should stay for this meeting.

    • All parents (especially new parents) are encouraged to attend!

    • We will begin the meeting discussing all Memorial Day Parade logistics and answering any questions about the upcoming 2024 Marching Band season.

      • We will hand out hard copies of paperwork, go over how to sign up for Remind accounts...etc.

    • The meeting will take place in the Band room (E104). Enter through the High School theater entrance.


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