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  • Mr. Kuntz

Jazz Competition - Overbrook HS

Friday, 3/3 - Jazz Competition - Overbrook HS (1200 Turnersville Rd, Pine Hill, NJ 08021)

*Eat something before you arrive. You will not be able to eat again until around 6pm.

  • 3:10pm, Report for attendance, already dressed in concert black. Travel reminders.

    • If you can't go home and come back, you're welcome to stay in the Band room after school.

  • 3:30pm, Load the bus and depart for Overbrook HS

  • 4pm, Arrive at Overbrook HS

    • Load in, unpack instruments, use bathrooms

  • 4:25pm, Warm Up

  • 5:15pm, Performance

    • approx 5:40pm, Following our performance the entire ensemble will go into the Library with the guest clinician, Behn Gillece (Great jazz vibraphone player! Check out some of his stuff!) to workshop some of our pieces.

    • approx 6pm, Following our time with the guest clinician, Brandon and 2 other students (still looking for volunteers) will go into the Improv Room (faculty lounge) to complete the improv portion of our overall group score. All other students will pack up their equipment.

  • 6pm, Watch other groups perform

  • 9:50pm, Awards Ceremony

  • 10:50pm, approximate load buses

  • 11:20pm, approximate return to WHS

  • 11:35pm, approximate dismissal after clean up


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