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Holiday Tour & Christmas Parade Details

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Tuesday, 11/28 & Thursday, 11/30 - Holiday Tour

The Holiday Tour is an annual tradition the Marching Band participates in every November/December. This night is about celebrating our seniors (12th grade students), their families, and spreading some joy to the Williamstown community! The Marching Band travels around to every 12th grader’s home as well as some local businesses and nursing homes to perform holiday songs.

All times are approximate. 12th grade families, please plan to be home at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time in case we are running ahead of schedule. Also, feel free to invite your neighbors to join in the fun!

Night #1 - Tuesday, November 28th

- 5pm - Report to HS, Warm Up & Rehearse at WHS

- 5:10pm - Use Bathrooms and Load Buses

- 5:15pm - Depart WHS

- 5:30pm - Sophie Siegfried’s House

- 5:55pm - Brian Skanes’ House

- 6:10pm - Walmart (1840 S Black Horse Pike, Williamstown)

- 6:30pm - Mikhalia Wint’s House

- 6:50pm - Aidan La France’s House

- March and play from Aidan’s House to Sophia’s House

- 7:05pm - Sophia Hendrzak’s House

- 7:20pm - Peter LaMonaca’s House

- 7:40pm - Approximate return to WHS

Night #2 - Thursday, November 30th

*Updates in Red made on 11/30

- 5pm - Report to HS, Warm Up & Rehearse at WHS

- 5:20pm - Use Bathrooms and Load Buses

- 5:30pm - Depart WHS

- 5:35pm - Clay Miller’s House

- 5:55pm - Sam’s Club (2080 N Black Horse Pike, Williamstown)

- 6:15pm - Astro Junne’s House

- 6:35pm - Jaymee Lewis’ House

- 6:55pm - Paul Miller’s House

- 7:15pm - Michelle Goodman’s House

- 7:35pm - Jazlynn Aguilar’s House. Celebrating Emory Heller here too!

- 8:10pm - Approximate return to WHS

Rain/Snow Date is Wednesday, November 29th. Same times.

- Tuesday Backup Plans

- If it rains/snows on Tuesday, we will go to the Night #1 houses on Wednesday.

- If it rains/snows on both Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have to figure out a make-up date for Night #1 some time in December.

- Thursday Backup Plans

- If we're successful on Tuesday and it looks like it's going to rain/snow on Thursday, we will go to the Night #2 houses on Wednesday. I will try to make this decision by Wednesday afternoon based on the upcoming forecast.

- If it rains/snows on Tuesday and we use the rain date on Wednesday AND it looks like it's going to rain on Thursday, we'll have to figure out a make-up date for Night #2 some time in December.

Saturday, 12/2 - Christmas Parades

*Updates in Red made on 11/28

- Rain/Snow Date on Sunday, 12/3. All times stay the same.

- We will need 2-3 younger siblings (around 7-10 years old) to hold the banner in both parades. Please reach out to Mr. Kuntz asap if you're interested.

- 8:45am - Report, Pack, Change into uniforms (color guard should dress warm and festive, not in show uniforms), Load Buses

- Wear your blue member shirts. Eat breakfast before you arrive. Bring a change of clothes for in between parades. Bring a bagged dinner/snack* to eat before the evening parade.

*When the buses drop us off in the evening, they need to leave us to park at the end of the parade. Whatever food packaging you bring needs to be disposable

- Use the bathrooms before we depart. I'm not sure what the bathroom situation is like at the Salem parade. You might need to wait until we arrive at lunch.

- 9:15am - Depart Williamstown HS

- Parents, you are welcome to participate and walk in the parade with us! We could always use extra eyes to monitor the kids during the parade. Please let Mr. Kuntz and the BPA know if you're interested. Please wear Braves gear (dress warm!). Please note that only staff and parents that are BOE approved are allowed to ride the bus.

- 10am - Arrive at Salem Parade

- Warm Up and take group photos before the parade begins

- 11am - Salem Parade Begins

- Parade begins at 4th Street

- March down Route 49/Broadway

- Parade ends at Johnson St

- 12pm - Parade ends, load buses, and travel to Lunch (45 minute drive)

- Students will have the opportunity to change out of their uniforms before we depart Salem.

- 12:45pm/1pm - Lunch at Tang Asian Cuisine (Chinese Buffet) in Vineland

- The Band Parents have offered to pay for the student's lunch. Thank you Band Parents!

- 2:30pm/3pm (maybe sooner) - Depart Lunch (60 minute drive)

- 3:30pm/4pm - Need to arrive in West Cape May no later than 4:30pm (around the First Assembly of God Church)

- Students can use the Cape Island Lodge bathrooms, change into uniforms, and eat their bagged dinner/snack before the parade.

- The buses will drop us off and park at the end of the parade near Gurney street.

- Warm Up before the parade begins

- 5pm - Parade begins

- West Cape May Parade Route (1.6 miles)

- Begins at the West Cape May Fire Headquarters (732 Broadway)

- Ends at the Carpenters Square Mall (near 27 Perry Street)

- 7:30pm - Approximate Parade ends. Pack Up instruments. Load buses and depart.

- Students can use the Comfort Station bathrooms (308 Decatur St.) before we depart. Students will walk back and forth with staff member.

- 9:45pm - Approximate Return to WHS

- 10pm - Approximate Dismissal

Upcoming rehearsals and performances:

- Tuesday, 12/5 - Band Parent Meeting

- 7pm - Virtual Google Meet (link will be sent separately along with the BPA Meeting agenda)

- Wednesday, 12/13 - VPA Winter Showcase (Wind Ensemble and Concert Band Winter Concert)

- Concert starts at 7pm


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