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Hello Marching Band Students and Parents!

Below is a list of 4 items each student and parent should read before submitting any paperwork for the upcoming 2020-2021 Marching Band season.

  1. Handbook (please read carefully, there are some changes from last year)

    1. Contract (last page of Handbook. Everyone needs to fill this out and return it to Mr. Kuntz. It can be emailed.)

  2. Student Emergency Form (Everyone needs to fill this out and return it to Mr. Kuntz. It can be emailed.)

  3. Self Medication Form (Only needs to be filled out if you need to take medication)

  4. Calendar - Please visit our website ( for an updated calendar so you know when exactly we have rehearsals and performances. Please note that the schedule may change if there are rehearsal restrictions. I will do my best not to add anything additional to the schedule that is currently available.

I also encourage all parents to reach out to our Band Parent Association ( if you would like to receive email updates from them.

Also, we will be holding a Marching Band Zoom Meeting for all students and parents on Tuesday, June 16th at 6pm. We will be going over each aspect of the Handbook and all paperwork in detail, so it’s highly recommended that everyone attends since some changes will need to be made this year. Please use the following Zoom information to join the meeting.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.

Mr. Kuntz


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