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  • Mr. Kuntz

Half Marathon Pep Band - Sunday, 11/12

The Band has been given an opportunity to play some pep tunes during the upcoming half marathon! Students, if you're interested in participating, fill out this Google Form ASAP. This form is due no later than Thursday night so the Band Parents can order the breakfast sandwiches. The Band Parents will only provide breakfast sandwiches to those who fill out the Google Form and participate in the event.


- 8am, Report to the high school band room to get instruments

- Mrs. Latino will be bringing donuts and hot chocolate!

- 8:15am, Walk over to the bike path

- 8:30am, Race starts at 8:30am. Students will play pep tunes and cheer on the racers as they run by!

- Color Guard is allowed to stand and cheer with the Band members if they want to join us.

- 9:30am, Tentative race ends.

- Right after the race, students that participate will receive breakfast sandwiches provided by the Band Parents. Pick up at the high school following the race.


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