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  • Mr. Kuntz

Fall Concert Information

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Wind Ensemble and Concert Band are performing.

Wednesday, November 8th in the Williamstown Middle School Auditorium.

Free concert! Tell your family and friends!

- 5:15pm - Select student volunteers will help me load the large percussion equipment needed onto one of the trailer beds pulled by the golf cart

- They can then ride the golf cart/trailer bed over to the middle school.

- 6pm - All students report to the the Middle School Band Room exterior doors. Please arrive already dressed! We will take attendance, then set up the chairs, stands, and all percussion equipment on the stage.

- Students are in charge of getting their instruments and music to the Middle School. Once Mr. Kuntz drives the equipment over to the Middle School, you will not be able to get back into the High School Band Room.

- 2-3 rows in the back will be reserved for the students to sit and watch the other group perform.

- 6:30pm, Auditorium doors open

- Concert Band on stage

- Wind Ensemble in the seats reserved in the back

- 7pm, Concert Begins

- Both groups will warm up and tune on stage. This concert will "pull back the curtain" and show your parents the technique exercises and ensemble building exercises we have been rehearsing in class for the past 2 months.

- Warm up exercises such as scales, lip slurs, arpeggios, articulation exercises...etc.

- Tuning exercises

- Sight Reading (Yes, both groups are going to sight read at this concert!)

- Band Literature

- Concert Band: Rhythm Machine by Timothy Broege

- Wind Ensemble: English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams

- When Concert Band is finished performing, the Wind Ensemble students will come up on stage and the Concert Band students will go to the back of the auditorium to watch.

- Concert Band students must stay and watch the Wind Ensemble until the end of the concert

- 8pm (or sooner), Concert Ends

- All of the music stands and chairs will need to be cleaned up and put back in the Band room before everyone's allowed to leave

- Select student volunteers will help me load the large percussion equipment back onto the trailer beds pulled by the golf cart. We will then unload and clean up at the high school.

Dine and Donate Fundraiser at Dairy Fresh immediately after the concert! Enjoy some ice cream and support the Band program! The fundraiser ends at 9pm!

Concert Etiquette Reminders for students

- Do not enter/exit the auditorium in the middle of a piece unless it’s an emergency. Only enter when you hear applause.

- No talking, texting, sudden noises, or flash photography. If you can’t resist the urge to talk to your friends while sitting next to them, don’t sit next to them.

Dress: Concert Black. Please arrive already dressed!

- Wind Ensemble

- Tuxedo jacket and pants with long sleeve black dress shirt

- Gown or one of the two Concert Band options

- Concert Band

- Option 1: ALL BLACK - Black blouse or dress top, ¾ sleeve length or longer. Full-length black skirt or full cut loose-fitting slacks. Black dress shoes and black hosiery.

- Option 2: ALL BLACK - Black dress shoes (no sneakers!), long black socks, black dress pants, black belt, and a black button down dress shirt. A black undershirt is preferred, especially if you are not wearing a tie. Black jacket and/or black tie optional. (No gray or dark blue.)

- Do not wear jeans, leggings, sneakers, polo shirts, or white socks. All concert dress items must be dress code approved. If you are not sure if your clothes are appropriate, ask in advance. Students who are not dressed properly will not be allowed to perform and you will need to complete an Alternate Assignment.


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