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9/19 - 9/23 Weekly Schedule

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

This week’s rehearsals

- Tuesday, 9/19 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

- Thursday, 9/21 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

- Friday, 9/22 - Homecoming Pep Rally in the morning! (for WHS students only)

*Wind Ensemble and Concert Band students are welcome to join the Marching Band to play Pep Tunes!

Friday, 9/22 - Home Football vs Washington Township HS (Homecoming!)

*Wear your blue member shirt. Eat dinner before you arrive, you will not be able to eat a snack until halftime.

- 4:30pm, Report for attendance, Pack Trailer, and change into uniforms

*Students are going to have to change into uniforms and get ready quickly. If you think you'll need more time to get ready, feel free to report earlier.

**Pit crew, try to get that first load transported as quickly as possible so you have enough time to warm up with everyone

- 4:45pm, Walk over to the stadium

- 4:55pm, Arrive at the stadium. Drop off rain jackets and extra drums in the stands. Students help set up the fountain prop and podium off to the side while the football teams are warming up on the field. Pit crew might still be transporting instruments.

- 5:20pm, Begin warm up in the side 1 endzone track area (Same as competitions. Vis warm up, Music sections, Ensemble together)

- 6:30pm, Pre-game performance

- 7pm, Game Starts

- Halftime - Homecoming Ceremony and mingle with Washington Township's Band. Students will be allowed to use the bathrooms and eat a snack provided by the Band Parents.

- 9:30pm – Approximate game end

- 9:45pm, Approximate Return to WHS

- 10pm - Approximate Dismissal (after clean up)

*Please consider signing up to help with loading/unloading and pushing equipment on and off the field:

Saturday, 9/23 - NJMBDA Competition at Clearview HS - Cancelled

- 10am - Report to High School to watch video from Friday night's performance.

- 11am - Sectional and Ensemble Rehearsal

- 1pm - Rehearsal Ends

Upcoming rehearsals and performances

- Tuesday, 9/26 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

- Thursday, 9/28 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

*WHS Back to School Night. Mr. Kuntz will be late to rehearsal.

- Friday, 9/29 - Away Football game at Cherokee HS. Game starts at 6pm. Tentative report 4:30pm.

- Saturday, 9/30 - TOB Competition at Gateway HS (Williamstown performance at 6pm. Awards at 7pm. More information coming soon).


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