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  • Mr. Kuntz

9/17/2020 Updates

Thursday, 9/17 updates:

It looks like it's going to rain tonight starting around 7pm. We should be good to start rehearsal at 6pm as usual, but we may need to end rehearsal early due to the rain. Please talk to your parents and let me know if you might have difficulty finding a ride home earlier than planned.

I'm going to try to rehearse for as long as I can including rehearsing through light rain without thunder and lightning, so please dress appropriately. The plan is still to do an MTX and Aussie run so Winds and Battery, please wear your MTXs tonight.

Leadership - Please think about the steps that we usually take after rehearsing in the rain and explain to your sections what we'll need to do (Dry off instruments, leaving cases open...etc.). Cleaning up needs to be a group effort to make sure our equipment doesn't sit out in the rain for too long.

As we are cleaning up, I will allow the students to wait inside the front lobby, socially distanced, with their masks on or outside under the theater doors underneath the overhang so they're not standing in the rain while they wait to be picked up.

Saturday, 9/19 updates:

I received confirmation today that we will not be allowed to eat or change into uniforms in the building during out dinner break. Everyone will need to eat and change outside so please plan accordingly (brown bag lunch and wear the proper under-uniform clothing. If you're not sure what that is, ask!). Students will still be able to use the rest rooms before we travel to the stadium and can use the rest rooms while we're in the stadium.

Color Guard - since our costumes have not arrived yet, please be prepared to change into black leggings/long black pants, black sneakers (or as close as possible), and either a short or long sleeve black shirt (depending on the weather).

Also Color Guard - I also need to assign rain coats and garment bags to new members and if anyone needs a different sized rain coat (I know some were too big last year), we can swap them out before rehearsal.


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