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9/13 - 9/17 Weekly Schedule

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

This week’s rehearsals

- Tuesday, 9/13 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Thursday, 9/15 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

Friday, 9/16 - Home Football Game vs Lenape HS (Senior Night) - (Red Times Updated on 9/15)

*Wear your blue member shirt and eat dinner before you arrive. You will not be able to eat a snack until after our half time performance

- 4:30pm - Report, rehearse National Anthem, America (for Honor Flight), and Sonic Boom

- 5:15pm – Load Trailer, and Change Into Uniform

- 5:30pm - Depart for the stadium

- 5:45pm - The football team has invited the Band and cheerleaders to join them for the BFA Productions pregame recording on YouTube. (these are the cameras you see in the end zones recording and broadcasting during the football games). The entire Band will walk over to the high jump/long jump pit to perform some pep tunes and to promote our Band program!

- 6:15pm - Seniors will meet Escorts at the gate

- 6:30pm - Senior Night Ceremony

- 7pm - Game Starts

- Halftime - Performance!

- 9:30pm – Approximate game end

- 9:45pm – Approximate Return to WHS

- 10pm - Approximate Dismissal

*Please consider signing up to help work the concession stands (entire game) or equipment moving (during half time performance). Senior parents should be able to enjoy senior night, so we'll need new parent help! Here's the sign up link:

Saturday, 9/17 - Home Show Competition!

- 8:15am - Report to High School for attendance and to gather all equipment and uniforms needed for the entire day (you do not have to wear your tour shirt to rehearsal if you're going to want to change during lunch break)

- 8:35am - Walk over to the Middle School Football Stadium and set up equipment

- 9am-12pm - Morning Rehearsal Block in the Football Stadium

- 12pm-2pm:

1. Help clean up around the stadium (bleachers, concessions...etc. if needed before the other bands arrive)

2. Store all equipment and uniforms in the Middle School Gym

3. Lunch (need to bring your own lunch)

4. Change into 2022 Tour Shirts (if not already wearing it). Students hosting other Bands should change into their uniform.

- 2pm - Competition starts and the first band performs at 2:30pm. All students are either in the stands watching the other groups perform or helping the band parents with hosting. Here is a link to the other bands performing.

Students are not allowed to leave the school. Students should not be hanging out in the Middle School gym without supervision. Students may purchase concessions throughout the competition. The last band everyone is allowed to watch is Woodstown HS at 5pm.

- 5:30pm - Dinner. The Band Parents are providing Pizza, Chips, and Water for all students. You can bring dinner if would rather eat something else. Please reach out to Mr. Kuntz if you have any dietary restrictions.

- 6:15pm - Get changed into Uniforms, Bathrooms, Travel to Warm Up area

- 7pm - Visual & Music Warm Up

- 8:30pm - Williamstown performance

- 8:45pm - Awards

- 10:30pm - Approximate Pick Up at the High School after changing out of uniforms, clean up at the stadium, and clean up at the high school

*Please consider signing up to help volunteer during the Home Show! This is our biggest fundraiser of the school year and we need a lot more help! Here's the sign up link:

Upcoming rehearsals and performances

- Tuesday, 9/20 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Thursday, 9/22 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Friday, 9/23 - Away Football Game at Washington Township HS (Report time TBD, probably around 5pm to practice some parade music and pep tunes). Game starts at 7pm.

- Saturday, 9/24 - NJMBDA Competition at Clearview HS (Williamstown performs at 7:15pm at Clearview HS. Awards at 8:30pm. More information coming soon).


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