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  • Mr. Kuntz

8/30 - 9/2 Weekly Schedule

This week’s rehearsals

- Tuesday, 8/30 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Thursday, 9/1 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

Friday, 9/2 - Home Football Game vs. Kingsway HS

- 4:30pm - Report to HS & Practice Pep Tunes (wear your blue member shirt, eat dinner before you come, you will not be able to eat a snack until after our half time performance).

- 5:30pm – Load Trailer, & Change Into Uniform

- 6:15pm - Depart for Stadium (Kingsway Marching Band is not performing during pregame)

- 7pm - Game Starts

- Halftime - Performance! (We will need help from parents to push equipment on and off the field!)

- 9:30pm – Approximate game end

- 9:45pm – Approximate Return to WHS

- 10pm - Approximate Dismissal

Saturday, 9/3 - No Rehearsal! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and your final days of summer vacation!

Upcoming rehearsals and performances

Tuesday, 9/6 - First Day of School Pep Band (for WHS students only)

You will be excused from Homeroom (and Period 0 if you have that class in your schedule).

- 6:30am - Mr. Kuntz will let you into the building through the theater entrance. The doors need to remain locked, so please be on time! Immediately go to the band room and start warming up on your own.

- 6:40am, Ensemble warm up exercises (battery be prepared to warm up on pads), Tune, Run through a few pep tunes.

- 7:05am, Walk to the front of the school and set up, ready to play, maybe play a song or two

- 7:15am, Students are typically let off the buses and into the building

- Once we're done performing, students will go back to the Band room to clean up and will immediately report to homeroom/period 1.

- Tuesday, 9/6 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm) [Band Parent Meeting at 8pm in HS Band Room]

- Thursday, 9/8 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Friday, 9/9 - Away Football Game at Millville Memorial HS (Report time TBD, but probably around 4:15pm due to 6pm football game start time. No pregame performance, pep tunes only).

- Saturday, 9/10 - Rehearsal (9am - 4pm). We will need to practice loading the trailer with all of the battery instruments, pit equipment, and props at the end of rehearsal. All percussionists, other students, and parents interested in helping to load the trailer should attend (Specific information coming next week).


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