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  • Mr. Kuntz

5/24, Jazz Rehearsal & Concert Plan

No Rain Date, We will perform in the theater if there is bad weather.

4pm/4:15pm - Students should arrive early to set up everything in the Courtyard. Arrive as early as you need to make sure we start rehearsing on time. Make sure you eat dinner before you show up, bring a water bottle, have a binder with plastic sleeves...etc.

5pm - Rehearsal and sound check begins. We should be tuning and rehearsing right at 5pm.

5:40pm/5:45pm - Break

6pm - Concert Begins in the Courtyard (Chairs are limited, so bring a lawn chair!)

Concert Order:

- Blue Monk by Thelonious Monk

- Bags Groove by Miles Davis

- Take The "A" Train by Billy Strayhorn, arr. Vince Gassi

- Goodbye My Heart by Mike Smukal

- Samba Del Lado by Tim Fisher


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