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  • Mr. Kuntz

10/23 Football Tickets Interest

Please fill out the following Google Form if you (the parents or immediate family members) are interested in attending the football game on Friday, 10/23.

Please indicate how many tickets you would need. For Senior families, up to 4 tickets can be requested since they are going to have the Senior Night Ceremony on Friday, 10/23 before the game starts. I will send out another message to confirm who will be escorting the seniors. For all other 8th Grade - 11th Grade Families, only 2 tickets are allowed per family. Unfortunately, this means that if you have siblings in the marching band (for example the Granit family has both Hunter and Trevor in marching band), unfortunately, the Granit family can only get 2 tickets. Tickets are limited because of safety protocols and because Highland HS is requesting the max amount of tickets we can give them. Please contact Mr. Insana if you have a concern with this rule.

Please note that children of all ages need a separate ticket. Do Not include your child that is in Marching Band in this number. Students in Marching band will be sitting in chairs on the track near the end zone to ensure that there is enough space for all of the spectators and do not need a ticket to attend the game. Basically, if they're in uniform, they get in for free.

Since this football game is now going to be both Senior Night and Homecoming, I am not sure if we will be able to perform our competition show at the football game. The Senior Night Ceremony is taking place before the game once the football teams are done with their on the field warm ups and the Homecoming Ceremony is taking place during half time. Mr. Insana and I will be discussing this further on Monday. If we do perform our competition show, it will start before the game and before the Senior Night Ceremony, approximately 6:10pm.

For Parents/Alumni/Children Helping to move band equipment from the school to the football field and helping to move the equipment onto the field during our performance: You only need a ticket if you are going to go up into the bleachers. If you are not going into the bleachers you do not need a ticket. You will need to stand/sit with the band on the track during our performance and on the track near the end zone for the entire game.

Please complete this form by Sunday, October 18th.

On Monday, October 19th I will send out a last call on Remind along with a spreadsheet of who has signed up already. I need to submit ticket information to the athletic office on Tuesday, October 20th.


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