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10/17 - 10/22 Weekly Schedule

This week’s rehearsals

- Tuesday, 10/17 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

- Thursday, 10/19 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

Friday, 10/20 - Away Football at Shawnee HS (600 Tabernacle Rd, Medford, NJ 08055)

*Wear your blue polo (or member shirt if you don't have a polo). Eat dinner before you arrive, you will not be able to eat a snack until halftime.

- 4:15pm, Report, Load Equipment onto Pick Up Truck and Load Buses

- 4:30pm, Depart WHS on buses (50 min bus ride)

- 5:20pm, Arrive at Shawnee HS

- 6pm, Game Starts

- Halftime, Students will be allowed to use the bathrooms and eat a snack provided by the Band Parents.

- 8:30pm, Approximate game end

- 8:45pm, Depart Shawnee HS

- 9:35pm, Approximate Return to WHS

- 9:50pm, Approximate Dismissal (after clean up)

Saturday, 10/21

- Rehearsal (1pm - 3pm, 12:15pm report)

- Monroe Township Halloween Parade!

- 3:45pm, rehearse parade music (Ghostbusters and Battery Cadence) in the theater parking lot after packing up at the practice field

- 4:15pm, pack, eat and dress. Students wear costumes during the parade! Some sections like to do theme costumes!

- 5:45pm, depart WHS (need to arrive early to be at the front of the line)

- 7pm, parade begins. We march down main street.

- 7:45pm, return to WHS after parade.

*Please consider signing up to help with parade float building and helping out at the parade:

Sunday, 10/22 - TOB Region 1 Championships at Eastern Regional HS (1401 Laurel Oak Rd, Voorhees Township, NJ 08043)

*Wear your 2023 Tour Shirts. Eat breakfast before you arrive.

- 10:25am - Load the trailers and walk over to the practice field

- 11:10pm - Rehearse

- 1:10pm - Load the blue trailer at the MS Football stadium

- 2:10pm - Eat lunch and change into uniforms.

- 3:10pm - Depart WHS (40 min bus ride)

- 3:50pm - Arrive at Eastern Regional HS. Unpack, use bathrooms, and travel to warm up area.

- 4:45pm - Visual & Music Warm Up

- 6pm - Williamstown performance

*Students will receive water and a snack after the performance when we return to the buses. If there's time, students may visit the concession stand after our performance, but before awards. Be prepared to not get concessions.

- 7:15pm - Awards

- Parents will help pack the blue trailer before/during awards. Thank you Band Parents!

- 9:15pm - Approximate Pick Up at the High School after changing out of uniforms and cleaning up equipment

Tickets: Prices TBD

*Please consider signing up to help with loading/unloading and pushing equipment on and off the field:

Upcoming rehearsals and performances

- Tuesday, 10/24 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

- Thursday, 10/26 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm, 5:15pm report)

- Dr. Cooney, Rowan University Marching Band Director will be visiting our rehearsal!

- Friday, 10/27 - Playoff Football Game TBD. If there's no football game, students will have the night off.

Saturday, 10/28

- 10:45am - Senior Speeches, Slideshow, and Group Activity.

*Seniors, please start thinking about what you'd like to say now. Each Senior will have up to 5 minutes to speak. You don't have to use all of the time. If all 13 Seniors take 5 minutes to speak, speeches will last for about 65 minutes.

- Students that want to bring a late breakfast/early lunch can eat during this time.

- 1:30pm - Rehearsal

- 4pm - Parent Send Off Performance in the MS Stadium

- 4:15pm - Group Photos with the prop (Parents are welcome to take pictures and be in some of the pictures too!)

- 4:30pm - Pack everything we need to perform at the practice field

- 5:30pm/6pm - Send Off Picnic/ Potluck in the HS Cafeteria. More information coming soon.

Sunday, 10/29, NJMBDA State Championships (Final Competition of the season!)

- The earliest report time would be 8am. Buses will depart as early as 8:20am. Updated info coming once performance times are released.

- Williamstown performance TBD. Our group size will perform between 12:25pm-3:20pm.

- Awards TBD. Probably around 3:45pm

- Return TBD. Probably around 6:45pm after unloading the trailer, changing out of uniforms, and cleaning up the Band room.

- Go to this website to purchase tickets. Tickets will not be sold at the door:

- More information coming soon


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