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  • Mr. Kuntz

10/16/20 - Football Game Interest (for Parents)

Are you (the parent) interested in attending the football game next Friday, 10/16? Mr. Insana is looking to collect some data on how many parents are interested in coming to the football game next Friday to watch the Marching Band perform at half time as well as watch the entire football game.

Please indicate how many tickets you would need by answering the questions below. All children (siblings of Marching Band students) require a ticket no matter the age. Do Not include your child that is in Marching Band in this number. Students in Marching band will be sitting in chairs on the track near the end zone to ensure that there is enough space for all of the spectators and do not need a ticket to attend the game. Basically, if they're in uniform, they get in for free.

Right now I can't guarantee that there will be enough tickets for every student to bring 2+ guests (mom, dad and brother...etc.), but we'll know more after this form is completed.

Please complete this form by Friday, October 9th.


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