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  • Mr. Kuntz

10/13 - 10/17 Weekly Schedule

This week’s rehearsals

- Tuesday, 10/13 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm), 5:30pm - Temperature Checks Begin

- Thursday, 10/15 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm), 5:30pm - Temperature Checks Begin

Parents who inquired about coming to the football game, I will hand out tickets to your children at rehearsal on Thursday night. I will do my best to accommodate everyone who requested tickets ahead of time, but Senior Night being moved to this Friday might throw those numbers off a little bit. Mr. Insana said their should be enough extras for everyone, but please try to be flexible with these changes.

Friday, 10/16 - Home Football Game vs. Willingboro HS [SENIOR NIGHT!]

*Mr. Insana had to push Senior Night forward by a few weeks. I will have more specific information for the senior parents in a separate doc and Remind post soon. If you are unable to make senior night at the football game due to the short notice of plans being changed, my plan was to have another senior recognition for just the band students on either 10/24 or 10/31 before/after one of our competition performances.

4:45pm – Temperature checks begin. Students should change into uniforms immediately upon arrival. (wear your blue member shirt (color guard come dressed), eat dinner before you come, you will not be able to eat a snack until after the Half Time performance).

5:15pm - All students are changed into their uniforms and all of their belongings that are not being taken to the football field are neatly organized inside the school. We will briefly warm up and rehearse Ghostbusters and the Alma Mater before departing.

5:40pm – Depart for Football Stadium

6pm - Group Photo for the Yearbook on the field/in the bleachers (TBD)

6:10pm - Seniors (and escorts) report to the players entrance for the pre-game ceremony

6:30pm – Senior Recognition Ceremony

7pm - Game starts.

Half Time - Perform competition show!

9:30pm – Approximate game end

9:45pm – Approximate Return to WHS

10:15pm - Approximate Dismissal

Saturday, 10/17 - Competition Day

- 10:30am - Report to High School, Theater Parking Lot (please eat breakfast before you arrive, you will not be able to eat until the late lunch break)

- 11am - Rehearsal begins

- 2pm - Eat and Dress at High School & Band Parents transport all equipment to football stadium

- 3pm - Students and Staff travel to football stadium

- 3:30pm - Re-Warm Up & Clean show in Football stadium

- 4:30pm - Record Performances. We welcome all family and friends to attend our performance starting at 4:30pm sharp! Feel free to come early to watch us rehearse and to get a good seat!

*Please wear face coverings and stay socially distanced while you are in the football stadium bleachers.

Students will be picked up at the high school after they change out of their uniforms and all of the equipment is cleaned up and put away properly.

Coming up…

- Tuesday, 10/20 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Thursday, 10/22 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Friday, 10/23 - Homecoming? Home Football vs. Highland HS (5pm - 10pm)

- Saturday, 10/24 - Competition Day (TBD - Hopefully we continue to follow the same schedule, 10:30am - 5:30pm)


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