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10/11 - 10/15 Weekly Schedule

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

This week’s rehearsals

- Tuesday, 10/11 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Thursday, 10/13 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

Friday, 10/14 - Away Football Game at Timber Creek HS (updated on 10/14/22)

*Wear your blue member shirt and eat dinner before you arrive. You will not be able to eat a snack until 3rd quarter.

- 5pm – Report, Pack Trailer, and Load Buses. If you can report earlier to get everything packed, please do so!

- As close to 5pm as possible - Depart WHS (approx. 20 min bus ride)

- 5:20pm - Arrive at Timber Creek HS

- 6pm - Game Starts

- 8:30pm – Approximate game end

- 8:45pm - Depart Timber Creek HS

- 9:05pm – Approximate Return to WHS

- 9:15pm - Approximate Dismissal

Saturday, 10/15 - TOB Competition at West Deptford HS

- 10:30am - Report to HS Band room for attendance

- 11am - Rehearsal begins on the practice field/in the stadium

- Bring a snack. A short 10-15 minute break will be given between 11am-3:05pm

- 3:05pm - Load the trailer and box truck at the middle school practice field then walk back to the high school

- 4:05pm - Approximate Eat and Dress (make sure you have your grey 2022 The Main Event tour shirt if you don’t wear it to rehearsal) & Bring dinner.

*Please note - This will be the last time you will be able to eat until after our performance unless you have a medical condition.

- 5:05pm - Depart WHS (approx. 40 min bus ride)

- 5:45pm - Arrive at West Deptford HS

- 8pm - Performance at West Deptford HS

- Students will receive water and a snack after the performance. Students may bring money to purchase concessions, but there most likely won't be any time since our performance time is very close to the awards ceremony.

- 9pm - Awards (there will be judges critique at this show)

- 10pm - Approximate time to begin packing trucks

- 10:30pm - Approximate departure time

- 11:10pm - Approximate Return to WHS

- 11:40pm, Approximate Dismissal after clean up (students need to unload trucks, hang up uniforms, and make sure the Band room is clean before dismissal).

Students will be asked to take home their uniform to wash them after Saturday's competition. Click here for the washing and hanging instructions. All uniforms must be returned by Tuesday, 10/18.

Tickets. Contact the BPA to purchase tickets ahead of time:

- $10 - General Admission

- $8 - Students and Senior Citizens.

*Please consider signing up to help load/unload trucks and move equipment on/off the field for our performance! Here's the sign up link. Sign ups will be available soon.

Upcoming rehearsals and performances

- Tuesday, 10/18 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm)

- Thursday, 10/20 - Rehearsal (6pm - 9pm) [Board of Ed Meeting in HS Theater]

- Friday, 10/21 - Home Football Game vs Shawnee HS (Report time around 5pm to rehearse Halloween Parade music and other pep tunes before leaving). Game starts at 7pm.

- Please consider signing up to help work the concession stand! Here's the sign up link.

- Saturday, 10/22 - Morning Rehearsal (call time TBD, most likely around 10am/10:30am).

- Saturday, 10/22 - Halloween Parade (Parade begins at 7pm. Return to HS typically around 7:45pm. More information coming soon).

- Sunday, 10/23 - TOB Region 1 Chapters Competition at Eastern Regional HS

Performance times will not be released until after our performance at West Deptford (Chapters performance times are decided based on an average of our highest 2 scores). The competition begins around 1pm. I estimate that our performance could start any time between 2pm-3pm. More information coming soon).

*Please consider signing up to help load/unload trucks and move equipment on/off the field for our performance! Here's the sign up link. Sign ups will be available soon.


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